Unravel Your Layers


 Ahhh. Hello dear soul.

Since we are now sharing more intimate information with one another, I think it’s safe to say we can consider each other a friend?
Is that ok with you?

In order to build the foundation of your #buttanicalportrait, I must be connected with who you are, where you came from, what you carry from the past, where you will likely be heading in your future.

For some, free writing about who you understand yourself to be at this point in your Earth journey, is easy…For some, not so much. A series of questions and prompts to help ignite the flow of diving deeper into the “you” that will help paint a picture for me to connect with is below…

PREPARE YOUR SPACE - Mind, Body & Spirit

Step I. Set an appointment with yourself.

For some, it’s not as easy to just sit down in a quite space whenever the mood strikes. I get it. So, set an appointment. Seriously. If someone asks if you can do something at that time, you say “nope, sorry, I have an appointment!”

Step II. Brew a cup of tea

Or three….Preferably caffeine free.
Suggestion: chamomile, dandelion, oat straw, mint.

Step III. Find your outlet for ease

While that tea is steeping. Find your method.

I invite you to make this process as easy as possible. Nothing dramatic. Eliminate the factors that will make you overthink. Meaning, are you able to get things out quicker (if that’s of importance to you) by just responding to me in an e-mail, are you more likely to draft what your thoughts are in your sketch book, or journal because you like writing with a specific pen? Whatever works for you, make that accessible.

Step IV. Tunes

Next, let’s continue setting your space. Music is key to finding a flow. More than you realize. Turn up the stereo or put in your earbuds!
Suggested Artists: Thievery Corporation, Yaima, Emancipator, Tash Sultana, Hayden James & SaQi

Step 5. Move, dammit.

Now, it’s time to move into a state where you can flow. I ask you to do this because it stimulates that happy drug in your body, serotonin. This will allow for a more positive relationship with the thoughts you want to convey about your story. It works, promise.
Suggestions: A couple of your favorite ‘yoga’ poses in succession and/or free-dancing around the house (my fav)!

Step 6. Flow

Here’s the time to get into your flow. After setting your space, it may take a few minutes, it may take an hour to get to a place you are excited to start sharing. Whatever it is, just do it. Don’t correct yourself, just write. See below.


  • What’s your full name.

  • What’s your heritage?

  • What’s your date of birth?

  • Where were you born?

  • Did/do you have many siblings?

  • What has your overall relationship with your parents been like since a young age? (Estranged, distant, close, more friends than family?)

  • Did you and do you have someone you feel you look up to (not necessarily want to be like, but someone you valued and found their presence contagious)? Why?

  • Whats the first spot on your body you tend to look at when hopping out of the shower and checking yourself in the mirror? Further, what’s your relationship with this area of your body?

  • Close your eyes, do you have a tiny memory that you replay in your mind from your childhood, in relation to your grandparents or great aunts/uncles? (Example, I will always remember the emerald green tube of Revlon lipstick my grandmother wore. The shade of pink, the smell. She would apply and then use one of those pocket tissues to blot the excess off. She kept that tissue to re-use for that sole purpose in her pocket. I’ll always remember finding one of those used tissues in the pocket of a jacket of hers I inherited after she passed!)

  • What is a scent from your childhood you deem nostalgic as an adult? Some may think of mom’s marinara sauce, the smell of stepping into the same ice cream shop, the smell of the dryer in the basement, etc.

  • What is your go-to group of colors when you are walking through an isle of the same product, just offered in different colors? Reds, pinks, orange? Grays, neutrals? Blues, teal, blacks?

  • What environment do you consider your #happyplace? Mountains and trails, still lakes, bright beaches, your yoga studio, your bed?

  • What have others said when giving you feedback (sometimes unsolicited) about how you carry yourself in group environments? Are you the leader? Are you more vocal than you think you should be? Are you usually the follower? Are you reserved and only speak when spoken to?

  • What is one personality trait you often find yourself being self-conscious of? And equally, proud of?

  • Do you find happiness in buying a new outfit or creating something from items you have to turn it into a new outfit?

  • Do you like the heat or do you like the cool temps?

  • What part of your body tends to bother you the most when it is hurting? (Do you struggle with tummy troubles, do you have a knee injury that acts up when it rains? etc.)

  • Last 3 music artists you played?

  • What is your relationship with food? Do you find it creative and a means of health and nourishment? Do you find it to be another chore in your day and find grabbing whatever is most convenient to work best for you?

  • Animal lover? Kid lover?

  • What’s your secret indulgence? Specific movie, hiding chocolate, sitting surrounded by candles, bubble baths, fresh pairs of socks, etc.?

  • Do you like massage? Prefer not to be touched?

  • One of the biggest pet peeves? (Not your only one, but one of them) Has this always been, or increasing for some reason?

Keep going…whatever manifests from these prompts, continue with it. It all paints a picture of you.

When ready, e-mail me back your “layers”…
In gratitude, Hannah.