Suggested Care

n'GRAINED pieces are hand-crafted with love and energy from a variety of materials. Due to the nature of these materials, there is proper care that should be taken to ensure the integrity of the art over time.

care & keep


tips to preserve your n'GRAINED pieces

All n'GRAINED pieces are made with seemingly strong materials, however, as with all hand-crafted pieces of art, attention, love and awareness to them, is important!



Most pieces are not 100% sealed from retaining moisture. Therefore, refrain from subjecting any wood jewelry to long periods of direct moisture, such as a shower or swimming for a length of time, on a regular basis. Some contact with water is fine.

Bottom line, air drying will be the best medicine if coming in contact with large amounts of water, in any situation.


Do your best to avoid letting your pieces sit in a dark place where it is very humid for lengthy amounts of time.

wear & tare

Being that wood is naturally a "soft" material, it has opportunity to show signs of marring. This is normal and I invite pieces to show this over time, as it shows that you are experiencing life with it.


For whatever reason you need to clean your piece(s), I suggest using an environmentally friendly, mild dish (or baby-safe) type soap/detergent diluted with water. Avoid using any abrasive that may cause scratching, such as steel wool, or the like. 



Most of the metals used are not precious metals. Due to their antiqued finish, they are not intended to be a very "polished" metal. Therefore, there is no need to use a polishing compound for cloth intended for metals like sterling or gold.


If you experience any sensitivities to the pieces, my first suggestion is to coat the portion of metal that you come in contact with directly. I suggest using clear nail polish, preferably matte, if you have access to it. Otherwise, I am happy to assess the piece and see if I can switch out the metal for a precious metal.


Some of the pieces that are wire wrapped are a bit more delicate. They will more easily bend and twist, due to the finer gauged wires I use. Try to store your pieces hung up, in the pouch enclosed with your order, or a container where you store other kindly handled items!

ware & tare

Marring and/or scratches may persist when coming in contact with sharp, or hard, objects. If it bothers you, be careful, otherwise, n'GRAINED feels that it just shows signs of love!


Avoid abrasive materials, like steel wool, due to the ability to scratch. Any environmentally friendly mild detergent/soap can be used to clean. Be sure to avoid anything with chemicals that may alter the finish or cause corrosion.



The best way to store is hanging up, or laying on a flat surface. However, storing in the pouch provided is likely the best solution to avoid scratching.

wear & tare

By nature, stone and glass is prone to cracking/scratches when abruptly coming in contact with other hard objects. Just be aware of your piece, especially those that are longer hanging pieces of Neck-Wear.

Also, be cautious as chlorine and/or chemically treated water may change the color and integrity of the stone(s).


Just like with the other materials, a mild detergent/soap is recommended for cleaning. Avoid any harsh chemicals.


** I whole-heartedly invite you to get in touch with questions or issues that arise along the journey with your n'GRAINED pieces.

As the artist, I will do my best to support and solve any questions, or issues you have! **