My NEW second home…


It was time to take the next step in bringing my joy of offering creativity into the lives of others, along with my recent obsession of gaining herbal medicine wisdom stemming from my life-long love of plants and self-healing!

That brought me to Patreon!

Cool, but what is it?

Patreon is an online platform that offers Creatives (of all kinds) the ability to share their offerings to followers in a space that allows the Creative to receive donations for their contributions! Better yet, it allows me to build and offer this knowledge to you, while I maintain a full-time day job, and leaves you with the ability to enjoy and work through the material at whatever pace you want!

So, over the course of each month, I am sharing creative prompts, drawing tutorials, live drawing sessions together and herbal recipes. It’s up to you when, where and how you want to participate my friends!

Here’s an example of one of the step-by-step tutorials
posted for May!

Curious? Just check it out…