Play with Clay - Spring 2018

This Winter and Spring, the heavier wood-working projects are on hold until I am able to install the air purification system I was gifted at Christmas. My space is just not conducive for woodworking activities while I have paintings in the works, or other things drying. But, my hands need to stay busy and I need to not be restricted to just the mouse and screen more than 40hrs a week, and a paintbrush every now and then.

So, my intention to bring clay back into my life? To bring back the love of working with the material, to get my hands a little dirty, but while having an outlet for creative flow, be creating something that ties in with what is already being offered through Hn'GRAINED! My past experience with clay is mostly thwoing on the wheel. I love that. Though, that defeats the purpouse of having this new hobby executable in a more mobile fashion...meaning at the kitchen table, the back deck (when it warms up), etc. 

My vision? So, I had a thought..."I make this cool jewelry, but people don't always have a place to put it or display it." That leads me to the two types of pieces I'm having fun creating! The Ring Cones, a.k.a "ring holders", and a good 'ole tried and true, jewelry dish. Functionally,  I realize these items are not a new invention. Though, aesthetically, I am creating them with an Hn'GRAINED spin!

Offering? I'm offering these ring cones in signature Hn'GRAINED as solo or in arrangements, where they are adhered to a nice piece of wood, making a really nice display and ease to move as a group. The solo cones are available in two heights- standard and mini. The arrangements are available in mini right now.

If all goes well, I hope to offer solo cones in tall heights and the arrangements in standard heights as well.

The best part? Like everything else I create here, each one is handmade!

Want custom colors?

Tall Ring Cones $25/cone *available as custom order only right now.
Set of 4 or more $20/cone *available as custom order only right now.

Standard Ring Cones $20/cone
Set of 3 or more $16/cone

Mini Ring Cone Arrangement $30

Please anticipate approximately 7-10 days to fulfill a custom order.

Hannah Seaman