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For those not in the know, Uppercase Magazine, started by Janine Vangool, is an outfit that puts out rich books and magazines for those in the creative arena...and those that are just creatively interested!

 *When I say ‘rich’, I mean ‘no bull’. Like no ads, kinda ‘bull’. (Rejoice!!)

Let me also clarify that Uppercase does more than magazines and books, they have a great blog full of even more great articles, to continue going down the inspo. rabbit hole, as well as calls to submit creative work for the creative topic at hand. 

Photo Credit: Uppercasemagazine.com

Photo Credit: Uppercasemagazine.com

One of the reasons I consider this a solid resource is the fact that in order to submit and collaborate you must be ready to ‘own’ your work. In other words, have your mini portfolio ready to be seen and be able to talk about your work rather than just uploading to be one of many artists of all different experience and levels of dedication. (They elaborate on this process/their expectations in their blog).  

I have yet to submit to them, due to other creative obligations taking up my time, but am looking forward to posting in the future to share that I have!

Gosh I could go on and on about them, but here are my thoughts...


  • Great inspo for anyone in the surface pattern world that handles textiles as well as hard surface 
  • Targets modern homemakers, crafters and do-it-yourself-ers
  • FREE content in their e-newsletter!
  • Strong graphics!
  • Niche market
  • Ability to be part of the UPPERCASE community as a creative
  • Tutorials/classes online for excelling with your creativity amongst the rest
  • A really well executed presentation of “blasts from the past” design and how patterns have developed...like feed sacks!

You’ll get sucked into the rabbit hole. Guaranteed!



Hannah Seaman