Beautiful Transition

Not sure if it's the eclipse or what, but I've been feeling the drive to consolidate. To make what works, richer. To eliminate unnecessary responsibilities I set for myself. To ultimately create less stress and in turn more time to create. I've made the decision to join my many facets together (graphic/illustration, jewelry design and painting), rather than run them as separate. 

Best explained...I've evolved and grown into a crystal, of sorts. I am one artist, one woman, one mind that just happens to dabble in multiple areas...multiple facets and angles. Some facets shine brighter than others as I turn. They are all ingrained in me.

I only need to represent myself once and I want to do that more whole heartedly. So this pic is a snapshot of the brainstorming for the personalized art patterns I'll be offering soon (print on paper, fabric, clothing, etc)! 

This will take a little time, as I want to enjoy the process, rather than look at it as another chore...which would defeat the purpose. 

Your support and acknowledgment as an artist fuels my fire to keep creating on whatever facet, at whatever time. Love and light to all. Aho!


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Hannah Seaman