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Roots Earrings 3

Roots Earrings 3



The collection that reminds us to embody our unique connectivity with our physical body and Gaia, Mother Earth. Like roots of a tree, building strength and connecting with all the offerings of nourishment the soil holds, wearing your Roots shall remind you to stay grounded as you walk through your day. After all, all goddesses have a unique connection with Gaia. Purely individual. How do you embody yours?

  • Tip of ear wire to tip of roots approx. 3.5” long.

  • Double ring and added chain roots

  • Coal dyed suede “roots” brushed with rose Goldie, metallic enamel

  • Hand worked metal findings and wire wrapping for a tight hold

  • *Surgical steel ear wires available, upon request. (Due to their nature, they will have a shiny silver appearance, unlike the rest of the elements.)

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