Hello #buttanicals

Buttanical Portraits 

One artist’s mission for you to glow in your insecurities,
by connecting back to your roots through the botanical world!

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Buttanical noun (1)
The synthesizing of elements from the botanical world,
with that of the human form in a creative way.

Well, it’s not just butt’s I’m drawing. It’s my interpretation of the many layers of you that will visually evoke the essence of you. Your portrait will be an opportunity to see yourself, in a light and angle of which you’ve never given yourself the opportunity to see such beauty and strength. Buttanical’s are about braking down the walls self-judgement every time you look in the mirror, or see a reflection of yourself walking past a window. 

But, why plants and flowers? Well, in short, plants are some of our closest allies. They provide so many opportunities to connect with our senses (sight, smell, touch, taste) furthering the process of embodiment and of course, heal us! From an herbalist perspective, they offer so many potent supportive remedies. Plants are part of our lives in more ways than we realize. They are actually heavily used in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, Morphine and Codine, used as analgesics, are derived from poppy’s! Who knew!

| “Working with Hannah has opened up my eyes to a sense of being proud again…to show off the most strong and brave side of me, without appearing as ‘erotic’, that I didn’t realize I still had!”| -L.V


| What is a #buttanical body? |

 No such thing as a ‘buttanical body’, as all bodies are perfect. In fact, the curvier, the better!

A buttanical body does not….need shaved legs, perfect lighting, a sucked-in stomach, perfectly placed hair, cleanly shaven face, oiled up skin, makeup, just right, toned calves, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….ugh. That just sounds like so much work…and for what? Just imagine spending even half the amount of time, you spend critiquing yourself on a daily basis, when you could be spending it in new experiences, conversations and self-love? What would that look like?

|“Beauty begins the moment you decide to just be yourself. | -Unknown

Three things to remember…

  1. This is a judgement free zone. Come completely as you are. I say that whole heartedly. 

  2. This is an opportunity to begin shifting your thinking...shifting your thinking away from immediately seeing what you categorize as ‘flaws’.

  3. Your Buttanical portrait is going to bring a feeling of excitement, a proudness, joy and a quiet sense of relief! In that vein, there leaves very little room for requests to modify your body from the image you provide me. After all, that would defeat the purpose of this exercise, right?


  1. I request you send me 2 - 4 images of yourself in whichever poses you’d like, front, side, yoga, back, laying down, etc.

  2. In addition to sending me images, you should start sitting with the prompts to unravel your layers I have curated HERE. It’s a process so many find quite beautiful, at times tough, at times fun!

    Please note, these responses can be e-mailed back to me knowing they will be kept in a safe space. I often reach out with further recommendation on how to 
    I’ll review those beautiful photos you send me! If you provide me more than one, i’ll offer my opinion on what I feel is the best option, or two, out of the bunch, for an optimal #buttanicalportrait!

  3. As we continue the light back and forth, often through texting and e-mails, I’ll begin curating lists, thoughts, connection with all the layers of which you share with me. I often do this directly on top of my initial sketch of you. It allows me to dig deeper in identifying what plants and elements align with your story, your energy, your past, present and future.

  4. Deep creation time! Now that I have what I need, i’ll sit with all you’ve shared with me, my notes taking it one step deeper and continued research in my many herbal books, own experience with certain plants, and at times reach out to my circle of herbalists for their input! I ask for some patience, as creating your portrait can take anywhere from a week or two, to a couple months!

  5. All done! I’ll share with you your #buttanicalportrait in various file formats via Dropbox, or Google drive, as well as a doc that further illustrates the elements included in your portrait and their direct connections. This doc can saved to refer to forever!



‘Buttanical’ portraits are developed on my iPad Pro using, professional, illustration software, which offers a vast array of brushes, textures, colors etc.. These tools I’m able to customize further to align with my unique, n’GRAINED style. After I create the individual elements in your portrait, I often bring them into photoshop, on my computer, to further arrange and build your portrait! 

Unless otherwise discussed, all art is provided to you digitally, in high-resolution format typically via dropbox. You can then use and share as you please. Being a designer and illustrator by nature, I can easily and happily work with you to set up printing your portrait for you to hang in your special space via a poster, a wrapped canvas, stickers, you name it!  *Printing costs are additional.



This is very important part of this whole process. At first many want their Buttanical journey kept private, but towards the end of the process, I often get texts to share, share, share with the world!…A testament to the sense of courage and boost in self-esteem their #buttanicalportrait has given them! 

Bottom line, some people hold their bare body and intimate history close to them. Some people are ‘sharers’. I don’t judge either. I just respect your wishes and therefore keep all identifying info away from promotional posts on social media. I don’t even show your photos with my partner.
My understanding of ‘Identifying information’: Your name, your social media handles, your contact info, photos and responses to your layers document you've shared with me.  *Please note, If you send me physical photos in the mail, I’ll gladly send them back to you with care, upon completing your portrait!



Well, this is about more than just my making money with my art…
It’s about the journey for you and the journey for me…

My mission is to make this opportunity available for every body.
For now, I ask you to come as you are, financially…to show up as your truest self, as you did at the beginning.

#buttanicalportrait’s are created on a sliding scale


I kindly ask you to pay what you can…
What feels right to you…
No questions asked.

(Payments accepted in cash, or electronically via Venmo, Square and Paypal)