I'm am an illustrator, wood-worker, photographer and designer, creating on the coast of Cape Cod, MA.

My illustration work is often inspired by natural elements through the use of watercolor, ink, pencil and digital media. I have recently grown a deeper joy for creative illustration + pattern requests, either to support a business adventure or personal creative desire, like a custom printed piece or tattoo!

My design work is both in print and web. I have carried a small, but steady clientele for many years and continue to support those and other upcoming entrepreneurs in their pursuit to grow. My approach to design embodies the mind, body and spirit of the brand/person, no matter the application or size of the project. Often, clients (which become friends) will tell me that my organic approach to working and communicating allows for a much more stress-free ebb and flow to an element of their business they often feel is overwhelming. In order to offer attention to design clients I take on only a select few at a time. Just like a fine chocolate, n'GRAINED works in small batches.

The hand-crafting I do is a combination of wood working, creating custom wooden signage, painting, or hand-crafted jewelry. I grew up in a house of "crafting". Coming from a family of creatives, it has become a language for us, in a sense. Though it is silent, it is a very rewarding way to communicate and I enjoy creating, crafting items that bring that awareness and importance of "hand crafted" to others.

When I'm not doodling, designing or crafting, I'm often with my hands in the dirt, planting, on a side road or trail, exploring, or in the kitchen cooking!


Love, honor and gratitude for where you were, where you are and where you are going.