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2019 Spring NEWS

I have acquired a second home…

Calling all doodlers and plant lovers
that want to tap into their creativity and plant wisdom!

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Buttanical Portraits

Open for Commissions

Buttanical Portraits are more intimate than any other self-portrait.

They are an empowering shift in the way we look at ourselves.

My goal is to create portraits inspired by what we learn working one-on-one to peel back the layers of you,
while connecting with the plant world to visually and energetically support you!

It’s a completely refreshed way for me to look at myself. I was starting to get bored when I looked in the mirror.
— Amy

A note to friends…

A shift in my focus…

This is not a poor me story. Merely, an explanation of how I settled into my current creative focus…

Since 2017, I developed what western medicine is classifying as ‘chronic migraine’. Functioning at the level society expects me to, while carrying this pain and discomfort around, has definitely been a challenge. Though, I’m a Taurus, a bull, stubborn. My means of fighting is incorporating both eastern and western medicine into my daily practice to find ways of healing and coping on days that are more difficult than others, not staying home in bed missing out on experiences.

Being that I have had my hands in the dirt since a rather young age, I figured integrating the style of vintage botany portraits and my growing affinity for plants and plant medicine into my art, as I learn and integrate them into my medicinal regiment, was only natural! The growing effect this has on people as a means of medicine, lifestyle and healing, was just a no-brainer. The message I need to share the experience with others that may need healing and guidance, is clear. Correction, we all need healing and guidance!

With this realization, I decided to take a small hiatus from my jewelry shop. That brought me to the birth of my current body of work, Buttanical’s (#buttanicalportrait).

I am able to wrap my growing studying in Herbalism, working my gardens and my love for the human form, into an experience I am growing most proud of! One of the most rewarding facets is working with the beautiful souls that I create these Buttanical portraits of! It’s just as rewarding, healing and enlightening for them, as it is for me!

Need a shift in your everyday? Need a new perspective on ‘you’? Learn more about my process and the experience of having a #buttanicalportrait created for you.

#itsngrainedinme + #buttanicalportrait